San Diego Mortgage Rates in the Wake of the Most Recent Federal Reserve Rate Decision

Wednesday May 4, 2022 Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve announced their short term interest rate hike of +0.50%. This brings the Fed Funds Rate to a range of 0.75% – 1.00%. Previous commentary about rate hikes through 2022, and possibly into 2023, remain in place as the Federal Reserve desperately attempts to cool and control continuous inflation across the economy.

Russia Ukraine and Mortgage Rates

As if the Federal Reserve wasn’t juggling enough factors these days, the Russia Ukraine situation could muddy up those waters even more. There has been much speculation about the Federal Reserve increasing their short-term interest rate in March 2022 and numerous times throughout this year.

Remodel or Renovate Your Kitchen With a Cash Out Refinance

The market has swiftly shifted in 2022 and homeowners have begun reassessing their home projects on the horizon. In an increasing interest rate environment, and home equity still hovering at all time highs, many homeowners are moving up their kitchen remodel projects.

Multi Unit Purchase in San Diego

The case for multiunit home purchase in San Diego, CA

You may have heard that multiunit properties are all the rage in 2022. This rather “new” trend actually got its start years ago for 2 primary reasons which we will investigate as the premise for why you should purchase a multiunit property in San Diego, CA in 2022.