Is the market really headed for a correction or are we stuck?

There’s very clear disagreement among the talking heads, economists, and analysts. Some think we have a market correction coming, others think real estate is stuck for years, and still others believe the market will keep chugging along and hit new price highs in 2024.

Mortgage Rates & Single-family starts drop, but Equity is UP across the nation!

In this rapidly shifting market the data continues to surprise. Home values hold and even increase in key places across the country, while mortgage rates slightly dip heading into the summer buying season. On the horizon are more multi-family permits than ever before and fewer single-family permits being pulled by developers.

VA Issues Temporary Fix to Allow Buyer-Paid Broker Fees!

The VA issued a temporary fix that will allow homebuyers using VA Loans to pay for their real estate agent’s commission. The decision came pretty quickly, all things considered. The true tale-of-the-tape will be how this makes its impact in buyer’s lives once the August 10, 2024 start date is upon us!

Average Price per Square Foot is up 50% since 2019…but that’s not stopping investors

The Rate of increase on price per square foot averages is actually quite astonishing. It leaves us asking the question of which came first type of situation. Are investors partly to blame for this rapid increase as well as traditional homebuyers, or is everyone chasing the trend no matter what kind of buyer you are?

How to complete the National Do Not Call Registry

As you embark in your homebuying process, you want to ensure you have the smoothest experience. Therefore, we highly encourage you to add yourself to the National Do Not Call List. This will guarantee that no unsolicited creditors will call you while you are busy shopping for homes! Follow these simple steps:

1) Simply head over to,
2) Click on Register, then click on the “Register here” button in orange
3) Add you phone number, (you do have the option of adding an additional 2 more numbers)
4) Add and confirm your email and click SUBMIT!

Once submitted you will be prompted with email instructions and what to expect next. That is all that you will need to do. Congratulations, no more SPAM CALLS! Happy HOME SHOPPING!

You’ll Never Guess Which Generation Has the Lowest Mortgage Rate!

Surprise surprise…A new study from found that Millennials and Gen X are actually tied for the lowest average mortgage rates across the country, but they also have the highest average monthly payments. This also folds over into another surprising survey that found “Housing Affordability” is the TOP Voting issue among Gen Z.

Millennials & Gen Zers tapping into retirement AND taking out 40% of Mortgages?!

Ya, you read that right, Millennials & Gen Zers tapping into retirement AND taking out 40% of Mortgages. New reports show another cultural trend change in from the younger generation that they are hungry for real estate, and are willing to take untraditional routes to get there.

Traditional Homeownership is changing as Demand Remains HOT!

It has become very obvious that new ways of looking at the housing market are here to stay. Yet, it’s more than generational differences driving novel ways of achieving homeownership among families (and friends!). This has sparked some new building trends to meet this demand, which also reshapes what our neighborhoods and cities will look like for the years to come.

Some Renters Hopes of buying a home have completely disappeared, WHO and HOW can we fix this?

It’s no surprise anymore that home prices, elevated mortgage rates and tight inventory are major hurdles standing in the way of Renters. In addition, already paying some of the highest monthly rest totals per capita ever, renters then struggle to save a comfortable down payment, get qualified, find a home, and then make a winning offer. Who and How can we fix this?

Unintended consequences, or is the Fed doing this on purpose?

The latest comments from Jerome Powell and the Fed are NOT what they thought they would be announcing at this point in 2024. At the end of 2023 all estimates we that the Federal Reserve would bring at least 3-4 rate reductions into 2024. Some aggressively projected as many as 6-8 rate reductions as the Fed achieves the illusive “soft landing” that seem all for naught.