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Traditional Homeownership is changing as Demand Remains HOT!

It has become very obvious that new ways of looking at the housing market are here to stay. Yet, it’s more than generational differences driving novel ways of achieving homeownership among families (and friends!). This has sparked some new building trends to meet this demand, which also reshapes what our neighborhoods and cities will look […]

The VA Last Resort Program & Spring Drama in Real Estate

It’s whiplash-central in real estate and mortgage this spring. Home sales came in short in March even though inventory has been cruising along as expected. Obviously rate volatility is messing with the whole system, but it looks like the VA has come up with a solution for Veterans in need…will it work? ***VA officials said […]

6 Potential Scenarios for Veterans After Rule Changes

Another week down and we’re nowhere closer to a solution for VA buyers. The upcoming commission changes due to the settlement in the National Association of Realtors lawsuit directly impacts a VA buyers ability in HOW they make their first (or next) home purchase. Additionally, the FHA program is also ramping up for how to […]