The Mortgage Heroes Podcast Episode 16 – Pulse of the Market #realestate #mortgage #rates

We chopped up a lot during this episode, diagnosing the Pulse of the current real estate and mortgage markets.

– Listings are down nationally, but comparatively are these actually bad numbers locally?

– Risk reduction is happening all over the place, how is it effecting people?

– We need more new home builds to come to the market, but in the meantime you might have to GO TO the area you want to move in and try to make something happen.

– Recent mortgage application data confirms that mortgage activity is low. This is a great time to work on your personal advancement in credit, budget, savings, investing.

– Be aware of what’s happening in your own backyard. This is a very different market, even though things may FEEL the same, they are not EXACTLY the same.

– This is when you build relationships. Build your wealth team. Need a trust attorney – find one, need a financial planner – find one, you need a tax strategist – find one! Don’t know where to turn…ask US!