New Proposed VA Appraisal Law Can Help Veterans Dramatically

A new piece of legislation aims to assist VA buyers get their purchase offers more readily accepted.  Although it is not common in San Diego for VA eligible borrowers to be outbid regularly, there are other parts of the country where that is the case.

Attention San Diego Homeowners

Here are some of the most frequent uses of the VA cash out refinance. Below are several tips and suggestions for using your VA home loan benefit to take advantage of historic home equity values and accomplish your personal financial goals.

Fed Update November 2021

This week Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman, made some very important remarks regarding monetary policy, and shed some light on what they are expecting in the coming months and years ahead.

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Getting Your VA Offer Accepted

These are the 3 most common objections to VA offers and why how we debunk them to get our client’s offer accepted. As we mentioned there are also some specific reasons sellers may accept a VA offer over all other offer financing types. Here are the most common ways local VA clients win offers in a Military town.

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Our Team of Chula Vista VA Loan Experts Can Help You

The VA loan is an amazing home purchase and refinance tool when used properly. Since its inception the VA loan has been a pillar of homeownership and family legacy for active-duty service members, reservists, and veterans alike.