Successfully Navigating Increasing Interest Rates in 2022

The first few weeks of the new year have been tense in the mortgage markets to put it lightly. When the Federal Reserve released their meeting minutes from their December meeting, it confirmed what many in the markets had speculated.

Tips for the Millennial Homebuyer in 2022

Although there is a growing trend of millennials becoming more mobile in general, there are still millions who are newly married, new parents, still renting yet hoping to purchase their dream home in 2022. This article is for you, the millennial who wants to know how they can buy their first home in 2022.

Remove your Mortgage Insurance

We know there are a lot of great first-time homebuyer programs out there. Many of them have low down payment requirements, but they also come with mortgage insurance.

Closing a Mortgage Loan in the Month of December

As with many aspects of life we have seasons when things occur. We expect spring to be in full bloom, in the summer we expect sunshine and warm days, in the fall we expect leaves on the ground with a crisp in the air, and winter brings.