Millennials & Gen Zers tapping into retirement AND taking out 40% of Mortgages?!

Ya, you read that right, Millennials & Gen Zers tapping into retirement AND taking out 40% of Mortgages. New reports show another cultural trend change in from the younger generation that they are hungry for real estate, and are willing to take untraditional routes to get there.

Traditional Homeownership is changing as Demand Remains HOT!

It has become very obvious that new ways of looking at the housing market are here to stay. Yet, it’s more than generational differences driving novel ways of achieving homeownership among families (and friends!). This has sparked some new building trends to meet this demand, which also reshapes what our neighborhoods and cities will look like for the years to come.

Some Renters Hopes of buying a home have completely disappeared, WHO and HOW can we fix this?

It’s no surprise anymore that home prices, elevated mortgage rates and tight inventory are major hurdles standing in the way of Renters. In addition, already paying some of the highest monthly rest totals per capita ever, renters then struggle to save a comfortable down payment, get qualified, find a home, and then make a winning offer. Who and How can we fix this?

Unintended consequences, or is the Fed doing this on purpose?

The latest comments from Jerome Powell and the Fed are NOT what they thought they would be announcing at this point in 2024. At the end of 2023 all estimates we that the Federal Reserve would bring at least 3-4 rate reductions into 2024. Some aggressively projected as many as 6-8 rate reductions as the Fed achieves the illusive “soft landing” that seem all for naught.

Will the Housing Market Crash? Millennials are betting it won’t!

It seems like everyone is getting turned left and right when it comes to the state of housing in 2024. Will rates go back down? When will they stop going up? Are home prices going to crash, or will they keep rising? Will the inventory shortages be overcome with new construction? And HOW on earth are younger people affording real estate these days?

The VA Last Resort Program & Spring Drama in Real Estate

It’s whiplash-central in real estate and mortgage this spring. Home sales came in short in March even though inventory has been cruising along as expected. Obviously rate volatility is messing with the whole system, but it looks like the VA has come up with a solution for Veterans in need…will it work?

***VA officials said any veteran struggling with making their mortgage payments should check out the department’s housing assistance website or call (877) 827-3702.

Inflation is making it harder to buy and refinance homes, but can you STILL DO IT?

Last week’s inflation readings were a hefty punch to the gut for housing. Interest rates immediately rose on the same day. This continued inflation wreaks havoc on major parts of the economy, and housing is already in the spotlight as one of the culprits. Additionally, there’s a long shadow cast on whether or not we will return to ANY consumer prices of the past.

6 Potential Scenarios for Veterans After Rule Changes

Another week down and we’re nowhere closer to a solution for VA buyers. The upcoming commission changes due to the settlement in the National Association of Realtors lawsuit directly impacts a VA buyers ability in HOW they make their first (or next) home purchase. Additionally, the FHA program is also ramping up for how to handle their rules as a result of this same settlement while the Spring housing market keeps warming up.

Can Builders save the market from a commission lawsuit, insurance carriers leaving CA, and the Fed?

A major lawsuit could upend real estate transactions depending on what kind of buyer you are. Builders are stepping up to the plate again in the middle of insurers fleeing California and the Fed toying with markets.

Can a Tax Credit save the “First Time Buyer” in a market that feels out of reach?

Recently, President Biden Floated the idea of providing a $10,000 tax credit to “First Time Homebuyers,” but is this a solution that can really work, or is it a timely attempt pre-election to address the growing affordability challenge buyers face in the tight market? As listings grow and more inventory makes its way onto the market, home buyers find themselves still needing to make MORE MONEY to qualify in 2024. As price appreciation continues to be a great friend to homeowners who’ve held onto their property(ies), it may be no friend when it comes to those still aspiring to achieve the dream of homeownership.