Attention San Diego Homeowners

Here are some of the most frequent uses of the VA cash out refinance. Below are several tips and suggestions for using your VA home loan benefit to take advantage of historic home equity values and accomplish your personal financial goals.

Removing Mortgage Insurance

Removing your Mortgage Insurance can save you hundreds a month and thousands per year. By this time, it is well known that the real estate and mortgage markets went on an absolute tear since 2020. Home price appreciation has been at its all-time high during an unbelievably short period of time.

Cash Out Refinance- Is There Wind in Our Sails?

Bottom line upfront: The wind has been at our sails for over a year. Now its time to grab an oar and start rowing. By this time everyone is well aware that drastic measures were taken across the board at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Rates Are Pressured Upwards, What Should I Do?

Just in the month of March alone, some mortgage programs experienced rate increases of +1.0% or more (depending on the loan scenario). Many are asking us directly, and we bet more are asking themselves privately, “What do I do now?” In this article we will address some things you may need to consider now…